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Compile and install squeezelite on Alix board. I followed most of the instructions, with some omissions and changes, from this link Note that the github link referenced is no longer valid, and I managed to find another one.

apt-get install alsa-utils
apt-get install git
apt-get install build-essential libasound2-dev libflac-dev libmad0-dev libvorbis-dev libvo-aacenc-dev libfaad-dev libmpg123-dev
apt-get install ca-certificates
cd /opt
git clone
cd /opt/squeezelite

Plug in DAC

./squeezelite -l
nano /etc/init.d/squeezelite

in the file, change the following lines

OUTPUT=your device as listed in ./squeezelite -l
NAME=anything you want

I also changed the start instruction to this (you can add aditional parameters):

start-stop-daemon –start –quiet -b -m -p /var/run/ –exec /opt/squeezelite/squeezelite – -z -o $OUTPUT -n $NAME

Save the file and continue with the following instructions

chmod 755 /etc/init.d/squeezelite
/etc/init.d/squeezelite start
insserv squeezelite

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